The fast & easy way to get in shape
You already love taking pictures and now, with FitSnapp, you get to record what you eat and how you look with photos that are 100% trackable.

A photo doesn’t lie... or fudge... it tells the whole story.

It’s Fun. It Works. And oh yeah, did we mention it’s free?

Real people. Real results!

Jairo85 lbs

Emilee70 lbs

Kelly30 lbs
How FitSnapp works?
Progress & Goal
Set a goal & track your weekly progress - all with photos. You’ll see your body transform with a quick tap.

Meal tracking made simple - Take a quick snap of your meals and see what you ate, all in our beautiful meal feed. You know whether it’s healthy or not.

It’s no fun doing this alone and that’s why we designed FitSpo, a fun social network where you can get inspired, inspire others and connect with other health & fitness junkies.

Blazing Fast & Incredibly Simple

Tracking your diet is a long, boring process. Writing down each ingredient, measuring portions, counting calories… it takes a lot of work.

At least it did.

Now, with FitSnapp, it couldn’t be easier. Simply snap a photo and log your meal. You know whether it’s healthy or not...

Comparing time spent on calorie logging

Calorie counting


What people are saying?

I've been lucky enough to use this app since the
beginning of the year, and I have to say, being
able to scroll through my weekly progress photos
and see my body change is so motivating! Sure, I
could create an album on my phone for all these
pics, but I wouldn't see my weight, bodyfat, and
waist size as well.


“A picture tells a thousand words. Keeping track of
your meals and weightless progress is easy with
FitSnapp! Great user interface, design and tools!


“LOVE this app! This has become to my go to fitness app and I absolutely love it. I HATE
counting calories and writing everything I eat.
Taking a picture is so brilliant and I love that I can
really SEE the results. Amazing app. Love it!”


“Cool fitness app. I use it to keep track of my
training progress and diet with images. Better
than writing down for me! ”


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